Where I am

Shut down your phone in the cinema... automatically!

Psiloc Where I Am is a powerful tool to perform various actions on the Series 60 phones, based on its geographical location.

Locating the device is based on the GSM network cells. Thanks to the application the GSM network cells ID are not visible for the end user. The only thing he /she has to do is to 'teach' the mobile phone the important locations like home, school, work, best friend, train station, church etc. This work is very easy and doesn't require any technical knowledge and understanding. It can be done from Options->Learn location on the first tab 'Where'?

The greatest adventage for the end user is that the application lets to create EVENTS, while at least one location is saved. Events included are:

  • Alarm - set an alarm to go off when you enter or leave a location
  • Switch profile - set for your profile to change (eg to Silent) when you change location
  • Power off - switches your phone off when entering or leaving a zone
  • Change image - have different phone logos for different places (eg home and office)
  • SMS - send a text message to a friend or partner alerting them to your location

Where I am


Where I am 1.21